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Selected Essays and Reviews

Curt Barnes Convex Painting
Donald Goddard, New York Art World, February 2001
The horizontal shapes push out from the wall in curves that are sometimes centered but more often off-center, to the right or left. Some are quite small (about 10 by 13 by 5 inches), well within the compass of our vision. Others are large (the largest is Trapeze, 41 1/2 by 62 by 14 1/8 inches), stretching our vision. more ..

Exhibition catalog essay, O.K. Harris Works of Art
Eleanor Heartney, January 1997
The great dilemmas of Modernism having been solved, the only choice available to artists interested in formal issues is either to parody or dismiss them. Or so we have been informed by the purveyors of Post-Modernism.
Curt Barnes belongs to an articulate group of artists who vehemently dispute this notion. more ..

Curt Barnes at Alessandra Gallery
Nancy Grove, Arts Magazine, April 1976
Curt Barnes' paintings are not physically complex: single-color canvases overlaid with matching, attached wood strips accompanied by two or three sets of differently colored painted stripes. But experiencing them is enormously complicated since it involves simultaneous apprehension of a number of visual relationships, no one of which appears to be subordinate to the others. more ..